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Confidence in English opens up a world of opportunity

The world has become more connected than ever before. In such a world English has become the key to unlocking opportunities.

English is the language of:

  • Knowledge – used in most of the world’s top universities and in vast amounts of information on the internet
  • Global conferences and meetings of all kinds – from science and medicine to finance and world affairs
  • The tourism industry – where guests and staff must often use English to be understood, even if it’s not their mother tongue
  • International business – necessary for career advancement in any company dealing with global markets and foreign customers
  • People of different nationalities – to make friends on social media and in real life
  • Much of the music world and Hollywood films
2 billion people learn English every day – in 5 years it will be 3 billion
In 2013 the World Bank named English a “Megatrend”

NYC English builds your confidence

You may have been taught English at school. But, textbook and rote learning will probably not have given you the ability converse with people in real-life situations, and if you cannot, you will miss out on all the opportunities fluency in English brings.

NYC English teaches you the way native-English speakers actually speak. By doing so it builds your confidence to communicate. Every NYC English lesson, from Beginner to Advanced takes you a step closer to being part of the English-speaking world.